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List of Websites That Offer Programming Exercises and Challenges

Below, is a table containing websites that contain programming exercises:

Website  Description
Programming by Doing A website that contains tons of Java exercises. Great for beginners and intermediate programmers looking to drill down their Java skills.
C++ Exercises An exercises series by w3schools for beginners to learn C++ and practice their skills.
C++ Exercises 2 A bit more advanced exercise series also by w3schools after you finish the C++ exercises series.
C# Exercises An exercises series by w3schools for beginner and intermediate programmers to learn C# and practice their skills.
Python Exercises An exercises series by w3schools for programmers to learn and practice their Python skills.
Gophercises Gophercises is a free course that will help you become more familiar with Go while developing your skills as a programmer. In the course we will build roughly 20 different mini-applications, packages, and tools that are each designed to teach you something different.
PHP Exercises An exercises series by w3schools for programmers to learn and practice their PHP skills.
Ruby Koans A website that contains programming exercises that aim to teach you everything essential about Ruby.
H-99 99 problems to practice your Haskell skills.
Karan's Projects A list of programming problems that can be solved in the language of your choice.
Codeforces Codeforces is a website that contains problem sets that require algorithms knowledge to solve. It also offers programming contests.
Programmr Programmr is a great website that not only contains programming challenges for various languages, but they also let you share your projects on their site!
The Odin Project The Odin Project is an awesome website that teaches you how to become a Full Stack Developer by forcing you to work on projects and guiding you without holding your hand at the same time.



Edabit is a website that contains over hundreds of challenges, ranging from easy to expert in several languages such as Java, C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, C# and Swift.


Another awesome website that offers over 3355 exercises across 50 languages. It also offers mentors help for free.

Code Chef

Code Chef is a website that hosts Programming Competitions, Programming Contests and Online Computer Programming exercises which range in difficulty from Beginner and all the way to what they call Peer which is their highest difficulty.


LeetCode is a website that contains practice problems in different categories such as Algorithms, Databases, Shell and Concurrency. The difficulty of the problem sets ranges from Easy, to Medium and Hard.


HackerRank is another site that also offers practice problems for various subjects such as Linux, SQL, Regex, Math and much more. It also offers Interview Preparation kits which some of the other websites do not offer.

Project Euler

Project Euler is a website for more intermediate and advanced programmers that want to solve challenging mathematical/computer programming problems.

Timus Online Judge

Timus is a great website that offers ACM problems from previous programming contests. This is more geared for intermediate and advanced programmers as you are required to know some data structures and algorithms.

Hacker Earth

Hacker Earth is a website that offers Programming Tutorials and Practice problems in various subjects such as Algorithms, Data Structures, Machine Learning, etc.


CodinGame is an awesome website that let's you learn to code by solving problems in video games. For example, instead of calling it binary search, you will help Batman find the next window to jump into. Sounds fun doesn't it?
CodeAbbey CodeAbbey is another site that problem sets and it gives you rankings based on the difficulty. Ranking can be done by earning Blessings which are awarded based on how many people have solved that problem. Rankings range from Peasant (0-4 problems solved) to Cardinal (205-225 problems solved).
Codewars Codewars is another cool site where you can solve problems (also called Katas). You can then compare your solutions to other people. You also earn ranks on Codewars called Kyus.
Rosetta Code Rosetta Code tries to present solutions to programming problems in different programming languages so you can understand how the problem is solved in different ways. It does have solutions to problems in over 700+ languages! It is not guaranteed that every problem will be solved by multiple languages however.
Perl Weekly Challenges From the name, the site offers weekly challenges in Perl. However, the solutions can also be done with other programming languages, so don't feel restricted!
CheckiO This fun site is filled with coding games for beginner and advanced JavaScript and Python developers. So come on in, code in what feels like playing a video game and develop your coding skills at the same time!
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